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Websites are no longer the new kid on the block, far from it, but their role has changed with the emergence of social media. Having a website achieves several things, however probably the most important of all it should act as a reassurance to clients and customers. A solidly designed website can give them the confidence in your brand, your products and your services. You can keep your website up-to-date, but with immediacy of social media, websites don't need to change until they need to. You can decide for yourself what works for you.

Copper Blue Design are here to talk through the possibilities and give you options that will complement your existing branding, products and services.

A few example of work are shown below to give you some ideas.


The Official Website of
Music Producer Ian Little


Hard Graft
Garden Services


2 Station Cottage
A Gem in the Highlands


Skin Forum
International Skin
Science Network

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