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The path to becoming a graphic designer for me was influenced by music. Record sleeves were as fascinating to me as the music. The sleeve notes introduced me to designers including Malcolm Garrett who then worked in a company called Assorted Images. His designs made a huge impact on me and one band in particular, Duran Duran. One of my favourite bands.

Fast forward a few years and a I find out Ian Little, producer of Duran Duran 1983 is writing a book. I had to try to be part of this. A chance to combine, music and design and get to know a music producer I liked very much.

After a few emails and a draft design I got the job.

Its has been a fun project to work on and along with Ian Little, I was in touch with the original designer of Duran Duran, Malcolm Garrett to gain permission to use some original Duran Duran symbols for the cover design.

Since finishing the book cover and fly leaf paper for the inside of the cover, I have also helped Ian get his website designed and built. A slipcase is currently in production for the deluxe edition of the book.

You can find out more information about Ian Little and how to order the book on his website:

Ian Little LOGO
Dust Cover being inspected
Dust Cover uncut artwork
Fly Leaf test sheet

The book cover and fly leaf paper in production in The Netherlands, hot off the press.


Standard Edition


Deluxe Edition

Ian Little WEBSITE

The Official Website of
Music Producer Ian Little

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